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26 March 2013 @ 10:47 pm
LOST: White Rabbit S1E5  

This is a Jack-Centric episode. I've never been a huge Jack fan. I always thought he tried too hard but never really got it.

He means well, he really does. White Rabbit shows Jack as a kid could have stayed down while his friend got beat up, but he stood up. Got punched in the face for it, but he can't not do what is right. Jack's dad says that Jack doesn't have what it takes. He tells Jack not not to be a hero, not to save everyone but Jack can't do this. He can't not do what's right.

Jack still sees his dead dad walking around on the island. He follows him around and almost falls off of a cliff when Locke saves him.

Off-island, we find out that Jack's dad went to Australia and Jack went to bring him back home to L.A. Jack finds his dead dad, too much alcohol and he had a heart attack. Jack has trouble getting his dad's dead body on the plan. He doesn't have the proper paperwork.

I love Sawyer's lines. He's such a jerk. Light Comma Sticks.

Claire passes out. There is a water shortage. The water is all gone. Kate and Sayid think Sawyer stole it. It was actually Boone, trying to take charge. Meaning well but not being right.

Jack says "How are they? The others?"


Locke says he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful. He says he doesn't believe in magic but there's something special about this island. Locke tells Jack to keep following the possibly fictional person he is following. Guess what it leads Jack to? FRESH WATER!

Jack says the perfect line: "If we can't live together, we are going to die alone."