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08 April 2013 @ 11:41 pm
LOST: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues S1E11  

Shit's getting real. We know Ethan is not from the plan crash. Who the fuck is he? We know that Charlie and Claire are missing. We also know Ethan took them. Jack and Locke are looking for them.

Also, this is a Jack episode. I've never been a huge Jack fan. He tries too hard. He means well, he really does.

Jack is off. Locke goes back and gets Kate and Boone. They catch up to Jack quickly because Jack doesn't have tracking skills.

Michael is pissed because Locke won't let him help. He's pissed that Locke is big man on campus. Walt thinks Locke is awesome and Michael doesn't like that. He wants Walt to think he's awesome, not Locke. But he still treats Walt like he's below him, instead of a person. Kids are people, folks.

Locke finds one of Charlie's taped messages. The taped letters he has on his hands.

This episode has a great exchange between Walt and Sawyer. Walt is telling Sawyer about Ethan, and Sawyer is also treating him like a kid, but Walt shows him up. He knows more about what's going on than Sawyer does.

This is how Boone and Locke bond. Then they start doing weird shit together. Today Locke tells Boone it's about to rain and tells Boone to go back. Boone refuses. Bondage! I mean bonding!

Jack is being a dick in this episode. Questioning Locke, and Kate, but mostly because he's pissed at himself for not believing Claire that someone was after her.

Hurley and Walt play backgammon. Walt mentions his dad saying he was lucky. Not Michael, his other dad, Brian. Hurley looks super uncomfortable and says he has a meeting to go to.

Boone and Locke go off in one direction. Kate and Jack in another. Jack and Kate end up being on the right path. Jack gets the shit kicked out of him by Ethan. Ethan says he will kill one of them if Jack doesn't stop following him.

Jack and Kate find Charlie strung up in the trees, unconscious. They cut him down and Jack tries to save him. Kate's crying. It's really heart-breaking. Jack refuses to give up. Kate convinces Jack to stop but only for a min. Then he's back to hitting Charlie, and eventually Charlie takes a breath! Poor Charlie is in shock. He says he didn't see or hear anything. He said all they wanted was Claire.


Boone and Locke aren't back yet. Shannon is worried. OH SHIT! This is when Boone and Locke find the Hatch! I fucking love the hatch.

Off-island, we see Jack lose a patient on the operating table. Also, his dad is there. We find out that Jack's dad, Christian, was working on a patient. A nurse came to Jack saying that Christian's hands were shaking because he was drunk. Jack took over. They fight.

Jack's dad said he's been hard on Jack because that's how you make hard metal out of soft steel. I should try that with my sweet kids. Christian wants Jack to sign a piece of paper about the patient dying with no mention of alcohol to save his dad's career and life. He basically admits that he was impaired by alcohol, but he's been an awesome doctor for so long that this one time should be swept under the rug. He promises he'll never do it again. Jack signs.

The patient that they lost on the OR table, her husband is threatening to sue. Jack finds out that she was pregnant. He changes his statement. He tells the truth about his father being drunk.