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09 April 2013 @ 10:53 pm
LOST: Whatever the Case May Be S1E12  

Kate episode. Kate's not one of my favorite characters but I was so interested in why she was on the run and her back story that I do look forward to her episodes.

Kate and Sawyer find some water to swim in. In the water are dead bodies from the plane and a case that Kate wants. After some playful banter, Sawyer takes it. Kate acts like she doesn't care but she tries to steal it back later. Oh, and it's locked.

It's a Halliburton and apparently they are impossible to open if you don't have the key. Michael tells Sawyer the only way to get it open is by pure force.

More banter and wrestling but Sawyer still has the case. Kate tells Jack that there are guns and personal stuff in the case. Kate knows where the key is. It's in the dead ranger's wallet. The wallet is buried with him. Dead bodies smell. Oh, and it's not in the wallet. It was on the ranger, and Kate took it while Jack was looking through the wallet. Jack saw. He knows she's sneaky.

Jack tells Sawyer to give him the case or he won't give him the rest of the antibiotics (for the wound Sayid inflicted on him.) Sawyer gives in. Kate and Jack open the case. Kate says the personal item she wants belonged to the man she loved, whom she killed.

Claire is still no where to be found. Charlie is super sad. Rose tells him to get his ass up and help. Everyone's got something to be sad about, but everyone needs to do their share. Charlie gets his ass up. Charlie and Rose talk. Rose says that even though her husband was in the tail section of the plane, she knows he is alive. "There's a fine line between denial and faith." Charlie cries. It's very moving.

Shannon helps Sayid to try to translate some of Rousseau's crazy writings. Turns out it's a song, written over and over again.

Off-island, Kate plans a bank robbery. Kate's tricky! The bank robber, who she makes out with, doesn't know her real name. Kate is always using fake names. Kate just wants in to a safe deposit box. Lots of action happens, including Kate using a gun. In the Pilot Part 2 Kate says she doesn't know how to use a gun. She uses it very well in this flashback. Can't trust anything Kate says.

It was a tiny plane that Kate wanted from the safe.

It's also from the safe deposit box but I don't remember if that has been revealed or not.