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11 April 2013 @ 10:23 pm
LOST: Hearts and Minds S1E13  

"If there's anyone on this island that your brother is safe with, it's Locke."

HA! Well it's not really Locke's fault....

Boone and Shannon episode.

Boone notices Shannon and Sayid flirting. He tells Sayid to stay away from his sister. Sayid says to Boone "You know where to find me." I assume he means, "doing your sister."

Hurley has digestive issues.

Sun is planting a garden.

Hurley is trying to get Jin to teach him how to fish. It isn't going well, and then Hurley steps on a sea urchin. He really wants Jin to pee on his foot so he doesn't lose it.

Jin catches and cleans a fish for Hurley. Awwwww

Kate finds out that Sun knows English but Jin doesn't.

Boone wants to tell Shannon about the whole hatch thing with Locke because Shannon keeps bugging him. In response, Locke knocks Boone out, ties him up and gives me some hallucinogenic paste. He rubs the paste on his head. He leaves Boone still tied up but leaves a knife kind of close.

Boone can't get the knife until he hears Shannon screaming. He hears the monster too. Shannon screams that she is tied up as well. Boone gets the fucking knife out of the ground, gets himself out and gets Shannon. They hide in a circle of trees. The monster can't find them. Shannon says that Locke tied her up too. Boone ends up telling Shannon about the hatch. Monster finds them again. They run. Monster kills Shannon.

Boone gets back to camp and tries to kill Locke. Boone sees Shannon on camp. Locke tells him that the crap on his head was a hallucinogen. Locke did it because it was vital to Boone's survival. HA! Poor Boone. Boone says he felt relieved when he thought Shannon was dead.

Off-island, Boone gets a call from Shannon, who is in Australia. Shannon calls Boone crying, but has to go. Boone shows up in Australia and it seems like Shannon is in an abusive relationship. Boone pays off the dude to leave Shannon alone. It turns out it's a plot by Shannon and this guy to get money out of Boone.

You can't blame Shannon. Shannon and Boone are step-siblings. Shannon's dad married Boone's mom when they were 8 and 10. When Shannon's dad died, Boone's mom kept all of Shannon's inheritance money. Shannon's just getting what she's owed. Shannon tells Boone that she knew he would bring the money because Boone is in love with her. He almost pushes her away but then they do it. It's okay. They are only step-siblings. No blood. It's cool. Like Deb and Dexter. Not blood-related but just raised together.

I assume the sex was shitty because afterwards Shannon says that things will go back to the way they were before, as siblings.
Gold Oystergoldoyster on April 12th, 2013 11:11 am (UTC)
Lol. This synopsis is hilarious :)