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18 April 2013 @ 11:43 pm
LOST: Special S1E14  

Walt-centric. Or Walt and Michael centric. Either way, their story is really good. and very sad. We know before this episode airs that Michael barely knows Walt. He just got custody of him after Walt's mom died.

We see that when Walt's mom was pregnant, Michael and Walt's mom seem happy, but not 100% happy. They are together but Walt's mom, Susan, is the one that doesn't want to get married.

Fast-forward to Walt being 9 months, maybe a year old, I'm not good with judging ages. Michael and Susan are having problems, taking time apart. Susan gets a job opportunity in Amsterdam. Susan and Michael aren't married, Susan is steadily employed, and she wants to take this job and Walt with her, leaving Michael behind in New York. Michael tries to get her to stay and do conseling but she's not having it. She tells Michael that she is going to talk Walt and the courts will never side with Michael.

She takes Walt, and gets together with a dude named Brian Porter. Michael threatens to go to Amsterdam to get Walt back. Then he gets hit by a car.

Susan comes to visit him in the hospital. Susan and Brian are getting married and she wants Michael to sign over his rights to Walt so Brian can adopt him. Susan tells Michael to think about what's best for Walt, and is Michael holding on to this for Walt's sake or his own?

I think this is bullshit and totally unfair. The only reason why Michael is not an involved father is because Susan took Walt to another country. Walt is not a rich man. He can't afford trips to fucking Amsterdam. Susan convinced Michael that he would never win in court so Michael never pursued it. Yes he should have gotten himself a lawyer but I still think it's fucking unfair.

Fast-forward again, we see Walt, Susan and Brian living in Australia. Susan feels weird and Walt looks the same so I assume this is when she gets sick. Walt is trying to do homework on birds in Australia. He needs help but Susan and Brian aren't listening. Susan feels sick and they are talking about it. Walt is talking and no one is listening. A bird then flies into the window and dies.

Susan dies, and Brian leaves Walt with the nanny and flies to New York to tell Michael to take custody of Walt. Even though Brian has been his father for 9 years, he doesn't want to do it anymore. Says he never wanted to be a father. He says weird things happen when Walt's around.

Michael goes to Australia and tells Walt that Brian loves him but Michael is the legal guardian. Michael throws himself under the bus so Walt doesn't feel unwanted. He does lie and says that Brian says he can take Vincent, Brian's dog. Ha!

Walt's nanny gives Michael a box of cards/letters that Michael wrote to Walt but Susan never gave to Walt.

On the island, Locke tells Michael that Walt's special. He says Walt likes Locke because Locke doesn't treat him like a kid like Michael does.

Michael decides to build a raft. He's getting himself and his boy off this island.

Lots of tension with Locke and Michael. Walt keeps seeking Locke out. Michael tells Locke he will kill him if he sees him near Walt.

Walt thinks Michael is being a jerk, saying Michael never cared about him until his mom died.

Walt runs off with Vincent and a polar bear comes after them. Thankfully Michael and Locke were tracking them and fight the bear off before anything bad happens.

Michael gives Walt the box of cards/letters and the two seem to bond a bit. The whole thing is very sad. I feel bad for both of them.

In other news, Claire comes back. The end.