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14 May 2013 @ 10:45 pm
LOST: Homecoming S1E15  

Flashbacks. Charlie episode. It's been a year since Driveshaft broke up. Charlie's a heroin addict and is trying to score a rich chick to keep up with the addiction.

His rich girl's dad gets him a job selling copy machines. Charlie tries but is in withdrawal from heroin so he pukes all over the machine while giving a demonstration. Classic Charlie.

Charlie's girl figures out why Charlie acts the way he does, because he's an addict. He says he took the job because he wants to show her he could take care of her. She says he will never take care of anyone.

I started watching this episode weeks ago. I'm finally finishing it.

Ethan wants Claire back. He said he would kill someone every day that Claire wasn't delivered to him. The LOSTees set up perimeters to try to catch Ethan if he tried to get in. Ethan got in through the water and killed Scott. Everyone kept confusing Scott with Steve. Funny and sad.

Gang hatches a plan to use Claire as bait to catch Ethan. Claire shows her bravery by being willing to do this to save others. Charlie wants to help but has never used a gun before.

Sawyer shows Jack up a bit with his gun knowledge. I love Jack but I love watching him look stupid. Charlie is fucking pissed that he is not involved.

Ethan takes the bait! He chases Claire. Jack tries to tackle him but Ethan is fucking strong. Jack does get him. Go Jack!

The gang wants Ethan alive so they can ask him questions but fucking Charlie fucks it up. He's pissed, and comes in shooting.

I think Charlie is the most egotistical character on LOST. Even more than Shannon. Shannon seems quite entitled but her backstory starts to make her more likable. I enjoy watching Charlie episodes but Charlie always seems to worry about himself.