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31 May 2013 @ 12:39 am
LOST: S1E16 Outlaws  
Sawyer episode.

Already I'm not sure I can handle this. We see an 8 year old kid and his mom. His mom is telling him to hide under the bed and DO NOT come out no matter what. There is yelling and banging. The kid goes under the bed, there is yelling, his mom is yelling, then a gun shot, then his mom is not yelling anymore.....

Then someone comes into the room where the kid is hiding under the bed, sits down and shoots himself. The kid sees the boots from under the bed. Oh god. I don't know if I can handle this.

Sawyer wakes up and there is a boar staring at him, then it runs away, dragging his tarp with him. This is the episode where Sawyer is convinced that the boar is a ghost trying to get him.

Sawyer goes off trying to find the boar. He doesn't know what he's doing. Kate offers to help but she also gets free access to Sawyer's stash. Not his mustache. That's off-limits.

More weird Kate-Jack-Sawyer shit.

Sawyer and Kate play "I never". I always called it "Never have I ever" but whatever. It starts out fun but gets serious real quick.

Hurley is a good friend, worried about Charlie.

More off-island: A guy gives Sawyer info that seems like its the guy that tore his family apart. Dude runs a shrimp truck in Sydney.

You point a gun at a man and you find out who you really are.

We see Sawyer in Sydney, buy a gun, go to the shrimp truck. He has small talk with the guy, kind of. The guy talks more, and then Sawyer runs away to the bar. Sawyer runs into Jack's dad! Christian says he misplaced his wallet and Sawyer buys him a fucking drink. I don't think I've ever bought a random stranger a drink.....

Then Sawyer buys the bottle and shares it with Christian. Christian talks about how some people are meant to suffer, why the Red Sox will never win the series. Christian talks about his son (fucking Jack) and how awesome Jack is but how Jack doesn't know that Christian thinks this.

"One simple phone call and I could fix everything."

Christian is too weak to fix his relationship with his son. Christian convinces Sawyer to kill the shrimp truck dude. He doesn't realize that THIS is what he is convincing Sawyer to do but it is what it is.

Sawyer goes back to the dude, shoots him, and reads him the letter. Guy doesn't know what Sawyer is talking about. He mentions Hibbs, Sawyer's "friend" who told Sawyer about this guy. Sawyer realizes this is not the guy that fucked up his family, but just a dude that owes Hibbs money. Hibbs used Sawyer to kill this guy for him.

Sawyer thinks the boar is the ghost of this dude.

Jack and Sawyer have some banter and Jack says "That's why the Sox will never win the series."

Sawyer realizes that he met Jack's dad in motherfucking Australia and that this the dude that doesn't know that his father loves him. Sawyer, who is still an asshole, mentions none of this shit to Jack.

In other news, Charlie seems okay.